November 2, 2021

What Are Some Good Brands For UPVC Paint?

To paint UPVC properly you need to use solvent-based paint that’s formulated for hard plastics. You cannot use oil-based paints because they do not bond with […]
August 13, 2020

The Most Popular UPVC Paint Colours in 2020

The most popular UPVC colours in 2020 have been greys, whites and blacks. The RAL Colour Chart is the industry’s reference for colours. Using this chart […]
June 12, 2020

Spray Painting Your Outdated Fitted Wardrobe

Fitted wardrobes are brilliant when they look good – but doubly awful when they don’t match the rest of your home. If you have a fitted […]
June 12, 2020

How Long Will a Painted Finish on a Garage Door Last?

Garages are built to be used and are expected to stand up to whatever you use them for, whether that’s storage or something cool like a […]
September 28, 2019

Is Kolorbond a Good Brand of UPVC paint?

Kolorbond paints are high-performance paints used to coat UPVC and powder-coated aluminium. They are one of the best paints in the industry, used in the trade […]
September 2, 2019

Is Primer Needed With UPVC Paint?

With the paints we use, a dedicated primer is not needed to paint UPVC. The paint we use is solvent-based with a unique blend of alcohols […]
August 1, 2019

Can You Paint UPVC Weatherboard?

Weatherboard cladding, also known as featheredge cladding, has become less common on new builds since the 90s but remains a popular exterior aesthetic modification to homes […]
August 1, 2019

How Long Does UPVC Paint Colour Last For?

When we spray paint UPVC, we stamp the work with a 10-year guarantee which is a guarantee the paint will not fade, discolour, peel or flake […]
August 1, 2019

Is UPVC Paint Resistance to Abrasion?

Abrasion resistance is the ability for a physical object to resist wear when it comes into contact with another physical object. For example, when someone walks […]
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