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UPVC spray painting is an interesting topic. Below we have included several frequently asked questions. For homeowners new to it, it promises to renew windows, doors, fasciae and gutters by painting the UPVC surface. This protects the UPVC from UV discolouration and, if the homeowner likes, changes the colour. If you are considering it for your home, you likely have many a frequently asked question about UPVC spray painting. Below, we’ll cover the most common:

1How much does it cost?
All projects differ but you should budget circa £150 per window. We’ll quote you for the work once we’ve surveyed your home or received detailed information about the work you require. All quotes are fixed for 30 days and our prices are competitive.
2How long does it take?
We can turnaround most projects inside a day. Painting a garage door will take us a few hours, while painting a 4-bed semi will take us nearly a day. We always find the right balance between efficiency and good workmanship.
3What colours can I choose from?
This is a very common frequently asked question about UPVC spray painting. We have a standard range of colours to choose from but we’re also able to mix custom colours for you. So, if you have your eye on something special, we’ll deliver.
4What type of finish will the paint have?
We offer you a choice. You can have it matte, satin or gloss. Matte has a 0% shine, satin has a 30% shine and gloss has a 100% shine. The choice is yours. Most of our customers go straight down the middle and opt for a satin finish.
5Does the work come with a guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee all our work for a period of 10-years. This kicks in from the date of project completion. It is a guarantee against defects arising from faulty workmanship and materials. The paint also has a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Have another frequently asked question about UPVC spray painting? We’re happy to give you an answer. Just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.

6How do you access top windows?
We need a sure footing to spray paint UPVC windows and UPVC trim above ground level. This is to meet our health and safety obligations. Depending on the height of the window, we will use a stable ladder or erect a small scaffolding platform. We have access to our own scaffolding so there’s no extra charge for this.
7Do you tidy up afterwards?
We always tidy up after ourselves. We dispose of all materials used in the spray-painting process, including masking tape, paper and sheeting. If applicable, we will return plant pots and furniture to their original position if needed. If we are painting indoors, we will sweep up and hoover any debris. Your room will be spotless.
8Can you paint other materials?
Yes. In addition to UPVC, we spray paint composites, other plastics, timber, masonry, cement, metals and even fibreglass. If you have a few things around the house that need spraying we can put a custom quote together for you. We also spray paint kitchen cabinets and garden furniture. Just ask.
9Which locations do you serve?
We are based in Manchester but serve the whole of England and Wales. We are happy to drive anywhere so long as the project gives us a return. We regularly provide our service in Leeds, Bolton, Liverpool, Chester and Cheshire. If you’re located more than a hundred miles away we can still quote you. You might be pleasantly surprised.
10Do you provide a commercial service?
Yes we do. Our quotes include VAT so if you’re VAT registered you can claim the VAT back on your next return. We have spray painted shop fronts, warehouses, parking gates, fences, windows, doors and masonry on commercial buildings. Please contact us for a custom quote - we aim to beat all quotes provided to businesses.
11How long will paint last?
The paints we use on UPVC are UV resistant and waterproof. When applied properly, they bond with the plastic itself to form a durable and hardy surface. The finish itself will last at least 10-years. We’re so confident of this we provide a 10-year guarantee on the work. Beyond this period, it’s perfectly possible the paint will look as good as new, but we can’t say for sure with certainty.
12Do I need to do anything before you arrive?
If you are able bodied, we ask that you carefully move plant pots and garden furniture away from the spray zone. This is to protect your belongings, and also so we can build up our scaffolding. If we are also painting the internal UPVC on your home, we ask that you move belongings and furniture to another room if possible. If you are not able-bodied, or you are not capable of moving what needs to be moved, we can help with this on the day. However, we ask that you please give us a heads up because we may not be able to assist without prior notice. Items that are not moved are kept in place at your own risk.
13Do I need to vacate the property?
No, so please do feel free to go about your normal business. If you have pets, we ask that you keep them away from the spray zone while we’re working. This is particularly important with cats.
14Can you work weekends?
We’re not averse to working on Saturdays, but we always take Sundays and Bank Holidays off. Most jobs can be completed inside a working day so if a Saturday would be best for you, we should be able to accommodate you.
15Is there any risk to the environment?
None at all. The paints we use are low-VOC and environmentally-friendly. There’s no overspray risk because we use a bespoke electric spray-painting gun that fires a clean, consistent spray of paint. The contact zone is very clean with nothing wayward. If you have plants and bushes that you are concerned about, rest assured no overspray will touch them, and even if it did, it wouldn’t do anything.
16What if my UPVC is cracked?
We can only paint undamaged UPVC, or UPVC that has been repaired to a point where it’s flawless. This is necessary for the paint to form a durable bond with the plastic, and for us to provide you with our 10-year guarantee. UPVC can sometimes be repaired by a competent professional using a resin. This isn’t a service we provide though.
17Do you work all-year round?
We work in all seasons with the usual time off on Bank Holidays and over the Christmas period. We can work in a wide range of conditions, although we can be forced to down tools if the weather is foul or the temperature isn’t right. With the solvent-based paints we use, UPVC can be painted at temperatures between 8°C and 32°C. Of course, it can be painted at below or higher than these temperatures, but at those temperatures, the paint doesn’t perform as intended - it dries irregularly and doesn’t turn out as durable as it needs to be. We also can’t paint in extremely wet weather.
18What happens if you or I have to cancel?
We do not make a habit out of cancelling and we will always do our best to keep to our project dates and deadlines. If for any reason we have to cancel your project, we will rearrange your appointment for a day and a time that suits you. The same goes if you have to cancel on us. If we have to cancel because of the weather, we will do our best to give you lots of prior notice, but please note this isn’t always possible - the weather can turn anytime, so we may be forced to cancel the project at short notice. We might also have to cancel because of an unforeseen event, such as if we’re stuck on the motorway with no escape because of a car accident. In any case, we’ll rearrange your appointment for a day and time that suits you at no extra cost to yourself.
19What is the going rate for UPVC spray painting?
You should budget circa £210 per window and £280 per door. Garage doors cost around £548. A three-bed semi-detached house might cost £1,500 all in. You can find more examples of prices here and here. We’re fully transparent about prices and all quotes given via survey are on paper with an itemised break down.
20Can you paint UPVC in rainy weather?
Unfortunately, it is impossible to paint UPVC in rainy weather unless the surface we are painting is well protected from the rain. For example, if you have a sheltered gazebo, or a car port, we could paint under this. The reason we can’t paint in the rain is because rain makes paint run. This is the same no matter who you use to paint your UPVC. The ideal weather for painting UPVC is an overcast day, with a temperature between 10°C and 24°C, although temperatures as high as 38°C are fine. We can paint when it is windy and when it is sunny, but not when it is raining, unless we are sheltered. This is the same for all spraying companies
21What if my UPVC is cracked?
If your UPVC is cracked this will need repairing before we paint it. The good news is most cracks are easily repaired. You can buy repair putty kits that fill in cracks very well. Once the putty has dried, it can be sanded and painted. We also offer to repair small cracks as part of our service. So long as your UPVC is repaired to a high standard, it will be impossible to tell it was cracked after we have painted it. Your UPVC will look brand new. If you’d like us to repair your UPVC and paint your UPVC as part of a single service, that’s no problem. Just get in touch for a quote.
22Can you mix a custom colour?
Yes, we can create and mix a colour match to a 99% accuracy. The most popular custom colours right now are greys, blacks and greens. Custom colours are a common request from our customers. We can match a colour to anything you provide, such as textiles or paint. We can also colour match a new window to an old window, or vice versa. If you have had a single UPVC unit replaced, you may find it’s a different colour to your existing units. We can mix a custom colour to match your windows together.
23What if my house is a listed building?
If your house is a listed building, then you should seek advice from your local planning authority about Listed Building Consent before having your windows spray painted. This is necessary to ensure the work is legal. Find out more here. It is normally the case that the outward appearance of a listed building cannot be altered without permission. Changing the colour of your windows may require permission, but this is not always the case, so we recommend seeking advice. If you live in a Conservation Area, there are sometimes a few limitations on window and door colour choices. You need to be aware of these before going ahead with any work, because in the eyes of the law, it is your responsibility as the paying customer. You can find out more about conservation consent here.
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