UPVC Spray Painting Services Chester

Want to change the look of your home in Chester? Perhaps you want to refresh your UPVC windows, doors and trim? We are a Trustpilot five-star rated UPVC spraying company serving Chester and the surrounding area. You can check out some of our recent work here and before and after photos here.

We know Chester well and serve the CH postcode in its entirety. We have recently completed projects in CH1, CH2, CH31 and CH60. In the last six months we have spray painted the UPVC on more than 60 homes in Chester and a few businesses. We are well-established and widely recommended in the industry. Our work is flawless. It’s so good your UPVC will appear as though it was originally installed in the new colour.

Home and business surveys are free! A survey is always necessary so we can assess the scope of your project and provide a detailed quote.

We are fully transparent on prices and although every quote differs (because every project is different) if you budget around £150 per window and £190 per door you won’t be far away from a price. We wrote an article about this. UPVC spray painting is a specialist job because you can’t buy professional equipment over the counter. Our bespoke nozzle system and high-quality paint ensure flawless results every time.

Although we specialise in UPVC spraying in Chester we also spray timber, masonry, metals and other plastics. We also paint kitchen cupboards. If you have a few things around the house that need doing we’d be happy to help out.

We go the extra mile when painting UPVC. On windows, doors, conservatories and other sealed units, we paint both the inside and outside. This ensures your UPVC units appear as though they were originally installed in the new colour. The finishing touch is unique to us - we replace your old UPVC sealant with a colour-matching one. Again, this helps ensure your units appear as though they are the new colour, not painted.

For peace of mind we guarantee our spraying work for 10-years. If you’re in Chester we are your local experts. Call us on 07769 741717 to book your free home survey.

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